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Royal Blue Antique Portraiture

March 7, 2018

Blue - the colour reflect peace, spiritual, serenity in general.  It's one of my favourite colour in recent year and have been longing for a blue colour theme shoot. The other day when I finally found this blue paint canvas backdrop, I was extremely excited and immediately brainstorming for a portrait session with it. 


Finally, inspired by the European royal painting portrait in the 18-19th century , I'm obsessed with the strong colour texture and shading of oil painting as well as the elegance but sometimes calm and awkward expression of woman gesture in the classic portraiture.


Thanks so much for the amazing people to make it happen. Again, my best partner "Xing maQuillage" who not only with her magic hand for creating the extraordinary styling from an effortless beauty to a royal princess ; she also read your mind . 

 And the glamorous lace dress from "The Wed Genie" completed the overall styling perfectly


Photography: Heather Photography

Make up & Hair styling: Xing maQuillage

Wedding outfit: The Wed Genie

Location: Heather Studio 






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