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April 1, 2019

"This was my favourite editorial last year in 2018"  This photo shoot was happened on a gloomy day with a bit of rain, at the first half of the day, we did some photo shoot in a room painted all in black (I spilt it into another separate album), after that, we moved to this location where is a unique and the only beach with black sand in Hong Kong. Usually this place is well-known by its beautiful sunset view , but for us, sunset was not what we're looking for, and whereas the gloomy colour and windy air were perfect for us this time. I've been thinking about doing this photo shoot for long time , I wish to do a portrait with a girl moving freely , clear her mind and embracing herself in a natural environment. 


I enjoyed watching how the dress was fluttering naturally by the wind ; even now, I am listening to some relaxing music while writing this blog and the whole things become a meditation session for me . This dress designed by leanne marshall stocked at our favourite bridal shop in town "The Wedgenie" has made the picture in my dream become real. 

This photo shoot was another project working together with our beloved make up artist "Xing Maquillage", we had been communicated so well and styled so many different images together; we love acrossing the boundary to try out new things, we can't stop thinking how to become better; we don't care how the trend is; we just love what we love. 


Special credit to our gorgeous girl who helped us with her inborn beauty. 


Photography: Heather photography @merrymissHeather / Make up & hair styling: Xing maquillage / Dress : The Wedgenie 





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