April 4, 2020

Our mini suite

Couple session, Engagement session, Hong Kong

How do I prepare a photo shoot ?

It's easy & adhoc sometimes. To conduct a self-made photo shoot, we do not need a large scale of collaboration or planning. It can be simple and quick. But first, we need to know what we gonna shoot and whats the idea & purpose of the photo shoot. The reason for having this photo shoot is to get familiar and practice angle & light in my new studio. But what we need is an "IDEA" - "What I am going to shoot" . I quickly came up with an idea which has been having in my mind for a while, I'd love to capture the effortless beauty & attitude of the culture of french . I love how they never overdress themselves but still look fresh & chic.

After the idea is confirmed, I have to think about what my models are going to wear. And you may see my preparation from the two layflat pictures up there - a full white outfits for man which to make him looks smart & neat ; and a flowy v-neck black dress for a classic look + short satin dress in green to make a chic but sexy for the lady.

while all styling jobs are done, we still miss one importation thing : a "MODEL" . so who's the best model for this shooting theme and easiest to find when you don't have many resources to find a model ? For me, I have a best choice who's a very good friend & best partner of mine - Xing , the founder of @xingmaquillage with her husband from France . This is our 3rd photo shoot since we met each other, and it's always my honour and pleasure to capture their love and see their growth & changes during this love journey.

Although the weather on the day wasn't perfect, the light in our studio still very sufficient for natural light photo shoot. Besides, we still enjoyed very much of this quick shoot. It's so much easier for me to create & try something new in our mini suite studio . I look so much forward to see what I am going to experience here with all my lovely clients and best buddies.