Indoor Bridal Portrait


Styled by our talented bride Sally herself who is the owner and stylist of Oldsoul Florist.  Her bridal portrait were done in our mini studio after she’s just got married few months ago.  The wedding gown were the one she wore on her wedding , and Sally wish to record the details of this stunning dress, so we didn’t choose to shoot outdoor but made it simple and highlighted with the mixed colour bouquet designed and made by her own hand.

photography: heather /hmua: xing maQuillage/ bouquet & styled: Oldsoul Florist

Sally_bridalportrait_003 Sally_bridalportrait_012 Sally_bridalportrait_020 Sally_bridalportrait_030 Sally_bridalportrait_053 Sally_bridalportrait_060 Sally_bridalportrait_075 Sally_bridalportrait_076 Sally_bridalportrait_084 Sally_bridalportrait_085 Sally_bridalportrait_096 Sally_bridalportrait_102 Sally_bridalportrait_110 Sally_bridalportrait_051 Sally_bridalportrait_119 Sally_bridalportrait_151 Sally_bridalportrait_157 Sally_bridalportrait_202Sally_bridalportrait_184 Sally_bridalportrait_195