Frequently Asked Question…


How many images will we receive? 

Each photo session are varies on amount of time invested in photography coverage, details and events. Basically you will receive around 100 -/+ photos for 2 hours session/ 150 -/+ for 4 hours , 200-300 -/+ for 8 hours

For wedding day, you will receive around 1000 -/+ snap shot photo

Do you edit all of the images?

Yes, every photo I deliver will get my picture style edit like you see on my blog.

Do you shoot film or digital? 

We use our film camera Contax 645 + our Canon 5D Mark III for all photo shooting session. We mainly shooting on film during engagement/maternity/bridal portrait session etc which gives us the organic and dreamy colour in pictures.

We shooting with our digital camera usually on wedding day / family & kid session unsure that we could capture all fast moving moments during your special day.

When can we expect our images?

Weddings typically take 12 weeks but I do my best to get them done sooner. Portrait sessions take 4.5 weeks for 1st preview -> 4.5 weeks for fine retouch after selection -> 4.5 weeks for album and canvas print

How soon should we book you? 

Most of my couples book 6-9 months out to ensure getting their wedding date. For Prewedding or any other photography session, we do recommend to book us in at least 6 months before.

Do you provide wedding outfit/ bouquet / props for prewedding session? 

We don’t provide any outfit / bouquet /props. We would love to share our ideas and help with your shooting theme and idea, yet it is always good to have yourselves preparing some little props by yourselves or hire some experts of decoration / florist vendors to help you with the setting if you would like to create something unique.

Can you recommend us where to rent or buy our outfit? 

Yes. There are some wedding shops or online shops that we would like to recommend you that fits our style. Feel free to contact them directly.

Amire the bridal closet 

Miss Bride Wedding Shop

La Cérémonie Atelier 囍鵲

Elysian Bridal Couture.

My Cup of tea bridal

Run for the dream

La Comme Vintage Wedding Bridal

Noel Chu Atelier

Online Shop:



Can you recommend us where to find a beautiful bouquet and decoration for our prewedding photo session? 

Yes. we believe bouquet is one of the soul for portrait shoot. Here’re the expert we recommend you for beautiful style of flower and decoration.

Angelica Fleurs

Flos on the Folk

Celeste hana designs

Cherish Wedding Decoration 

Roses Floral Atelier 

Forest For Rest 

Can we change our shooting date if the weather is bad? 

We do wish you to enjoy your shooting experience with us and we understand that bad weather affect most people emotion during the shooting, so we allow changing the shooting due to bad weather if it is on weekdays (at least 2 days notice will be appreciated).  However, we do not recommend to change the shooting date for 2-8 hours prewedding service if we have reserved a weekends shooting for you.

Do you do snap shot only for weddings? 

Yes! We provide full team photography service for weddings . But we also provide Snap Shot service only for who have hired another full team (1 standard + 1 snap shot) for your wedding, we would be very happy to be your 2nd snap shot during the actual day.

Do you have some video team to recommend us?

Sure. These talented videography teams are highly recommended.


The One Movie- Video Production


Do you travel? 

Yes ! I do travel for destination weddings and prewedding shoot. Feel free to discuss with us about your plan.