May & Billy


I do believe everything happen for a reason , everyone we meet is not a coincidence in life.

It’s so blessed to know May & Billy, who is such talented, artistic and of course gorgeous and nice person.

When a photographer shooting with two photographers , it is challenging but fun. I really enjoyed working with this group of  people who are not just professional but got the passion on their self role to create this photos shoot happen.

Photo by: Heather Lai
MUA: Regen Wong Makeup Artist
Photo + Hair Stylist: Jaffy Wong
Special thanks to Stephen & So Alex Hm


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“Be My Bride” – Maggie & Rangdo

“Be my Bride” project has been finally accomplished in a beautiful day after storm. Everything is perfect on my mind: the light, the scenery, the styling & accessories, especially the emotion & true love expression of Maggie & Rangdo. Thanks everyone helping me to make it happened.

Couple: Maggie & Rangdo

Make up & Styling: Crystal @

Flower gown + accessories provide by: Crystal @

Assistant: Stone Cheung @ POEM

IMG_4222-Edit-2 copy7 IMG_4282-Edit IMG_4318 IMG_4390 13IMG_4490 8 IMG_4336-Edit copy 9 IMG_4349-Edit IMG_4410-Edit IMG_4443  10 IMG_4500 IMG_4508 IMG_4540-Edit IMG_4582-Edit IMG_4590-Edit IMG_4625IMG_4667-2 copy11 IMG_4684 IMG_4703-Edit IMG_4739 12 IMG_4745-Edit 4 copy14 IMG_3965 IMG_3901-Edit 1 3 IMG_3979-2 IMG_4007 IMG_40486 IMG_4070 5 IMG_4149IMG_4141

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Party

IK_friend_033 IK_friend_048 IK_friend_0391 IK_friend_120 IK_friend_146 IK_friend_261 IK_friend_351 IK_friend_350 IK_friend_361 IK_friend_416 IK_friend_412 IK_friend_467 IK_friend_472

Sammie & Wilbert Maternity photo

[ Sammie & Wilbert ] [ Maternity Photo shoot ]

Another mummy & daddy to be :) Such a precious journey expecting the new life coming out. We are all exciting about it.

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Christine & Gary

Christine & Gary

[ Wedding Day ]

Time flies. It’s June already and stepping into a “lower season” in July and August. Got to think about a getaway and discovering new inspiration .

CG1_0426 girls1CG1_0137 CG1_0139 CG1_0160 2 CG1_0198 CG1_0256 3 CG1_0292 CG1_0311 CG1_0331 CG1_0339 CG1_0379 CG1_0392 CG1_0407 CG1_0409 CG1_0417 CG1_0445 4 CG1_0502 CG1_0478 CG1_0514 CG1_0543 CG1_0548 CG1_0562 CG1_0563 CG1_0590 CG1_0604 5 CG1_0609 CG1_0615 CG1_0645 CG1_0677 6 CG1_0743 CG1_0744 CG1_0746 CG1_0759 CG1_0760 CG1_0764 7 8CG1_0886 CG1_0922CG1_0929 CG1_0930CG1_0933 CG1_0935CG1_0992 CG1_0871CG1_0994CG1_1011 CG1_1016 CG1_1025CG1_1052 CG1_1082

Phoebe & Brian [ Jeju Island - Engagement session at Sangumburi ]

Phoebe & Brian

[ Engagement ]

[ Jeju Island - South Korea ]

Finally I am posting photos of Phoebe & Brian’s pre wedding trip to Jeju here , looking back to the photos, I feel so thankful to knowing these two buddies and had such wonderful trip with them. I still remember the “Military Black Pork bbq”, ” Van driver who help us to pick to Sakura” , ” A coolest coast” lots of funny things happened during the trip. I think it’s like traveling with friends rather than working, and Jeju island is a really nice place , hope there’s next time to stay a bit longer and discover more nice areas .  :D

PB_2095-EditPB_1579-Edit 1 PB_1532  PB_1592-Edit 2 PB_1691 PB_1698 PB_1650 PB_1657PB_1639 PB_1771 PB_1799-Edit 4 PB_1817 PB_1844 5 PB_1962 6 PB_2014-EditPB_2025 3 PB_2050 PB_2062 PB_2067 PB_2077-EditPB_1531

Leona & Ernest

[ Leona & Ernest ]


IMG_9370IMG_9313IMG_93912IMG_8513IMG_8587 IMG_8376IMG_8377IMG_787231IMG_7937

Maternity shooting for Crystal

夏天的來臨令人只想躲在有冷氣的地方。有時真係幾ENJOY拍大肚或FAMILY PHOTO AND BB ,因為很多時都會在家裡拍攝。HEEE。。夏天對這個充滿熱血汗水的我,真是一個大挑戰。

CRYSTAL 先WHATSAPP 我說是我一位朋友的朋友,我不以為意 (因這位朋友EFFY小姐介紹了很多人給我。特別嗚謝她。哈哈)直至拍攝前一天我才知道原來這位CRYSTAL 是我認識的。哈哈!這更好,拍攝時輕鬆自在。非常快樂!HOPE YOU ENJOY :)

CI_M_06 CI_M_03 1 CI_M_10CI_maternity_blog_2 CI_M_26 CI_M_232CI_M_343  CI_M_38 CI_M_39 4 CI_M_46 CI_M_477 CI_M_52 CI_M_54 CI_M_55CI_M_60 5 CI_M_63 CI_M_66IMG_43556IMG_4396

Baby & Family Shooting (紫晴BB)

Actually I have quite a lot of enquiries about my baby & family also maternity shooting, however I always busying on the wedding stuffs and not much time to finish the babies photos for my dear friends.

Edwin & Cynthia are POEM’s good friends too, always helping us in different occasions. Here are the portrait of their lovely daughter and family photos. IMG_0330 copy IMG_0357 copy IMG_0748 copy IMG_0723 copy IMG_0819 copy Untitled-1 IMG_1158 copy IMG_1222 copy IMG_1367 copy IMG_1550 copy

Grace & Martin

[ Grace & Martin ]

I’m so honoured to attend Grace & Martin’s wedding in early this year. Grace & Martin met me in cafe while I was having serious sickness, my voice was lost as I remember and felt so embarrassed to present my work to them on that day. I was quite surprised they were still so excited about having me to be their wedding photographer. Grace & Martin are both teacher at the same college, and there were many old and present students attending their wedding, you could see the crowd from the photos during the ceremony and can imagine how popular and kind teacher they are :)

Lunch reception : Wooloowooloo, The One TST

GM1_0921 GM1_0862 GM1_0867 GM1_0866 GM1_0864 GM1_0868 GM1_0870 GM1_0871 GM1_0872 GM1_0874 GM1_0875 GM1_0876 GM1_0877 GM1_0878 GM1_0879 GM1_0880 Untitled-1 GM1_0883 GM1_0884 GM1_0888 GM1_0890 GM1_0892 GM1_0895 GM1_0897 GM1_0898 GM1_0902 GM1_0903 GM1_0906 GM1_0905 Untitled-2 Untitled-8GM1_0914 GM1_0915 GM1_0917 GM1_0920GM1_0918Untitled-3GM1_0925GM1_0935GM1_0937GM1_0928 GM1_0927 GM1_0931GM1_0938 GM1_0939 GM1_0940 GM1_0942 GM1_0943 GM1_0945 GM1_0944 GM1_0946 GM1_0947 GM1_0950 GM1_0951 GM1_0952 GM1_0956 GM1_0959 Untitled-4 GM1_0960 GM1_0553 GM1_0966 GM1_0968 GM1_0969 GM1_0970 GM1_0971 Untitled-5 GM1_0974 GM1_0978 Untitled-6 GM1_0979 GM1_0980 GM1_0981 GM1_0984 Untitled-7 GM1_0986