Jacqueline & Jacob

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Rustic Vintage Romance

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I have been thinking of having a rustic styled bridal shoot for a long time.  It’s not usually happen in my photos , I am familiar with having green in the background and lot of light and layers in my engagement photos. I can say, it is much easier for me to shoot with couples rather than a single model while the reaction, responses and their personality guide me to tell their story and you know I love capturing emotions. But, as a photographer, I want to be creative and not being lazy to stay in the comfort zone. So, we took action looking for  different parties who are interested to our project, how lucky to get everything ready in just a week. The most difficult part is location, I did some mood board and research on style, however, those photos are normally not somewhere we can easily find in Hong Kong. We did several scouting, and when we found this place we knew there is it. 

Meanwhile, I would not forget to thanks all my beloved fellow. Thanks Anya Tang for being our model , she is really gorgeous and professional. Thanks La Comme Vintage Wedding Bridal sponsored those beautiful vintage wedding gown & accessories for us and thank you Flare Fiori for the stunning nosegay bouquet & hair pieces. Special Thanks to Xing MaQuillage for the wonderful make up & styling. They made our shoot absolutely radiant.

Here to share with you our outcome.

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I seldom see ponytail in bridal styling,  but I think it looks fashionable and natural.

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It’s such pleasure the have Flare Fiori designed this nosegay bouquet and flower crown & hair piece to us. They are so elegant and gorgeous with exquisite details.

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After those calm & steady posture, we finally had a little bit more smile. It is more natural & loose.

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After this shooting, I am totally obsessed with bridal styled shoot and hope to have more and more in the coming future. Stay tuned.

Photography | Heather Lai Photography /Make Up Styling  XING maQuillage/Bridal Dress & Accessories| La Comme Vintage Wedding Bridal/ Floral Arrangement Flare Fiori

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Family & Maternity for Phil’s family

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Linda & Keen Prewedding Photo

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Hilary & Ryan Melbourne prewedding

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Fung & Jack – Engagement Shooting

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May & Billy


I do believe everything happen for a reason , everyone we meet is not a coincidence in life.

It’s so blessed to know May & Billy, who is such talented, artistic and of course gorgeous and nice person.

When a photographer shooting with two photographers , it is challenging but fun. I really enjoyed working with this group of  people who are not just professional but got the passion on their self role to create this photos shoot happen.

Photo by: Heather Lai
MUA: Regen Wong Makeup Artist
Photo + Hair Stylist: Jaffy Wong
Special thanks to Stephen & So Alex Hm


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