Jennifer & Mark


近來心裡都是BB 攝影,希望可以多做這方面的作品出來。



JM_354 copyJM_027-EditJM_116-Edit JM_172 JM_212-Edit JM_222 JM_231 JM_251-Edit JM_262 JM_270 JM_335-Edit JM_342 JM_364 JM_372 JM_378-Edit JM_394-Edit JM_398 JM_422-Edit JM_465 JM_481 JM_487 JM_490 JM_492

LAST CALL for Shanghai Prewedding tour in 14-17 April


Gigi and Raymond


I always encourage my couple to relax and smile more during their big day. But this time, I don’t think this reminder is needed. Gigi’s big smile melting every guests in the chilly winter.

Ceremony & Banquet venue: Verandah , Repulse bay

GR1_0298 GR1_0294 GR1_0028 GR1_0034 GR1_0081 comb1 GR1_0046 GR1_0047 GR1_0113 GR1_0126 GR1_0163 GR1_0167 GR1_0180 GR1_0183 GR1_0201 GR1_0267 GR1_0315 GR1_0350 GR1_0398 GR1_0413 GR1_0415 GR1_0418 GR1_0420 GR1_0439 GR1_0456 comb3 GR1_0475 GR1_0496 GR1_0500GR1_0523comb2 GR1_0579 GR1_0597 GR1_0586 GR1_0598 comb4 GR1_0620 GR1_0627 GR1_0633comb5 GR1_0643 GR1_0655 GR1_0671 GR1_0681 GR1_0715 comb6 GR1_0733 GR1_0754 GR1_0756 GR1_0761 GR1_0768 GR1_0772 GR1_0791GR1_0816 GR1_0813 GR1_0825 GR1_0831 GR1_0838 GR1_0855 GR1_0868 GR1_0886 GR1_0908 GR1_0904 GR1_0942 GR1_0958 GR1_0971 GR1_0991 GR1_1007 GR1_1019 GR1_1023 GR1_1032 GR1_1037 GR1_1052 GR1_1059 GR1_1063 GR1_1012 GR1_1013 GR1_1015 GR1_1087 GR1_0817

Isabel & Rene Wedding day photography

Thanks Isabel invited me to be their wedding photographer. First time meeting with client on Skype while we didn’t really meet each other in person before the big day. They only spent around four months to planning the wedding, but I can see lots of DIY stuffs and efforts to make it happened. It was a great wedding as well as a wonderful party which was full of joy and laughters.

Photography by : Heather @ POEM wedding photography

Second shooter : Stone @ POEM Wedding photography

Assistant: Wai

Church Ceremony: 家母教堂

Banquet: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Macau

IMG_2661 IMG_2663 comb2 IMG_2704 comb1 IMG_2690 IMG_2793 3 IMG_2804 6 4 IMG_2991 5 8 015 34 35 024 IMG_31689 IMG_3207 IMG_3218 IMG_339310 IMG_3418 IMG_3303 1113 12IMG_3375 IMG_3449 IMG_3431 14IMG_3462 IMG_3437IMG_355615IMG_3586 IMG_3608 IMG_3610 16 IMG_3645 17 IMG_3691 IMG_3725 IMG_3853 18 19 21 20 IMG_4070 IMG_4293 IMG_4310 22IMG_4306 23 24 25 IMG_4370IMG_4507 IMG_4441 IMG_4495 IMG_4528 26 IMG_4640 IMG_4617 IMG_4662 27 IMG_4705 IMG_4720 IMG_4740IMG_5074IMG_4822IMG_4794 28IMG_4802 IMG_481129IMG_5022IMG_4966 IMG_4972-2 IMG_4987-2IMG_4995-2IMG_5117 30 31 IMG_5221 IMG_5225 IMG_5281 32 33 IMG_5165 IMG_5291 IMG_5317 IMG_5332 IMG_5352 IMG_5369 IMG_5419 IMG_5425 IMG_5551 IMG_5561 IMG_5574 IMG_5580 IMG_5630 IMG_5679 IMG_5394

Joyce & Pierre Prewedding photo shoot

I had the funniest and the most energetic couple this time . haa…Actually I always have happy clients so far.

I believe you can feel their energy from the photos. Here we go. comp2.IMG_4011-Editcomp1IMG_4377-2 IMG_4468-2 IMG_4163-Edit comp3 IMG_4316-3IMG_4297IMG_4722comp4IMG_4593-2comp5IMG_4949-2 IMG_4970-2 IMG_5020-2 IMG_5093-2 IMG_5096-2 comp6 IMG_5039-2 IMG_5124-2 JP_690-Edit-2IMG_5665-2 IMG_5358-2 IMG_5365-2 IMG_5378-2 IMG_5317-2 IMG_5445-2JP_849-2 IMG_5508-2comp7IMG_5549-2 JP_955

Maternity Shooting with Effy & Ivan & Ian

Congratulation to my very good friend Effy & Ivan. I’ve been witnessed many of their important days in these years, like their wedding, graduation, and this time pregnancy …  But the most excited thing is their little Ian was born in 1314 last week, it’s really a blessing and I believe baby Ian is going to have a brilliant life with the eternal love from God and his family . Love ya :)

EI_3604EI_074 EI_088EI_124EI_165 EI_152EI_197EI_199EI_242 EI_249EI_285 EI_293 EI_321EI_2221EI_274


Carol & Alfred’s wedding

Carol & Alfred

Tea ceremony : Renaissance Hotel

Church ceremony: St. Margret Church

IMG_6837 1 IMG_6811 2 IMG_6818 IMG_6852 IMG_6856 IMG_68623 copy 4 IMG_6914 IMG_6925 5 IMG_6947 IMG_6952 IMG_6997 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 6 IMG_7416 IMG_7435IMG_7513 IMG_7548 7 IMG_7583 IMG_7612-Edit IMG_7620 IMG_7778IMG_7798 IMG_7815 IMG_7817 IMG_7835 IMG_7865 IMG_7919 IMG_7944 IMG_7949 IMG_7963 8 IMG_8003 9

IMG_8131IMG_8169IMG_8346 IMG_8364 11 12 IMG_8495 13 IMG_8562 IMG_8734 14 IMG_8873



Dream a little dream


很久沒有寫一些日常事的感想。今晚忽然被一個PHOTOGRAPHER的BLOG INSPIRE 到一些對於”生活”的看法。在這裡分享又可以令一些對我相片有興趣的朋友們了解我這位攝影師多一點:)

HOME OFFICE 一直是我的夢想,或者是我這年來想達到的目標之一。個人來說,我喜歡WHITE&BRIGHT。我的工作地方希望是光線充足,簡單擺設,沒有多餘雜物的。我喜歡白色,少少灰或木色,加上一些黃色小花或綠色植物。如果工作桌旁有張SOFA 想的NAP一NAP就最棒。

有些外國的攝影師,一年限定了自己接10多個WEDDINGS。原因是要令自己處於最佳狀態去拍攝。這個態度真的非常好。我其實並不是一個MONEY OR BUSINESS WISE 的人。如果可以的話,我也不太喜歡香港大部分婚禮的時間表都很緊密,往往拍完一天WEDDING DAY,身心都感覺很疲累。如果我有GUTS 我都希望是以一個自由工作者的身份,自由自在地做自己喜歡做的事。想睡覺時就睡覺,想去郊遊時就郊遊,想工作時就工作。。。這才是我想過的生活。




所以近來我想了一套拍攝方法,名叫”直覺拍攝”。。哈哈!是我自己改的。我仍然相信簡單就是美這個道理。有時不妨FORGET ABOUT THE PERFECT ANGLE ,看到什麼就拍什麼,我發覺很多時還比一些複雜的燈光構圖的照片還要美麗。所以我喜歡用自然光,只要好好觀察光的來源,也不難拍到美的照片既!有時我看見很多攝影師很執著燈光打得準不準而苦惱,我寧願以感覺先決,有MOOD的相,懶理攝影理論準確與否 :P 不過我都要補充一點,那個直覺拍攝也需要有SENSE 地拍,也必需多做功課。其實當一個攝影師真不太容易的。以前我影PREWEDDING,我只懂叫新人做一些行下,自己笑下的照片,後來我多看了一些網上的TUTORIAL OR 看其他攝影師的作品,我才明白到,每一次拍攝,必需要有一些POSE REFERENCE 俾自己,因為往往拍攝時間都很趕,有時也會腦閉塞的。不過也可ENCOURAGE 新人們,在影相的時候,其實不用只聽攝影師的示令去POSE,也可以隨意有些漸的MOVEMENT,一來拍出來不會太生硬,二來,有時一些少少的變化,會INSPIRE到攝影師一些他沒想過的POSING出來。HEEE。。。其實就是當腦閉塞時的最大幫助。。哈哈。

今日說到這裡先。Good night :)



A Romantic Proposal Shooting

I don’t know how to start … telling you about this love story of Michelle and Davis …

Picture tells everything….lets see how it happened :)


com1 32

We spent about 30 minutes taking some portrait shots before up to the cabin area on Sunset Peak. It’s because the friends of Davis – Roy and Angeline got to go clear up the cabin area , make sure there’s no body disturbing during the proposal moment. The sun was still a little high yet while we were taking these shots, since the time was around 3:30-4:00, but their smile and love making those shots so nice and natural.

IMG_6851 IMG_6865 5 IMG_6964 IMG_7058

As I’d been pre trip with Davis early in the week, we knew there’s one cabin with the blue windows and Davis decided to do the proposal at this spot. So on the day, after we took a few shots in front of the cabin, Davis gave me a “eye signal” that he’s going to do the things, but it’s kind of hard to start , and I was directing Michelle to close her eyes but I remember the wind was wrong and I believe she felt weird that I kept asking her to pose on her own. haa..I really don’t know how to do at that moment seriously. After that, Davis started the proposal, and I saw tears rolling at Michelle’s eyes, it was really amazing and touching.

IMG_7062 IMG_7076 7 8 IMG_7100
IMG_7131 9 IMG_7114 IMG_7138 IMG_7144 IMG_7141 IMG_7146 IMG_7149 11 18
IMG_7171 IMG_7186 IMG_7188 IMG_7216 13 IMG_7294 14 IMG_7369 IMG_7347 IMG_7362 IMG_7370 IMG_7453 IMG_7407 IMG_75371615IMG_7597 IMG_7792Thank you so much to invite me to be part of this, and great to meet these 4 young people from Singapore , they were so cheerful with kind heart. Also I need to thanks my hubby supporting me all the time, without his help, I won’t be able to carry those gears with me to the peak.  Thanks GOD that I can use my ability to bringing happiness to people and I wishing them all the best and walk with GOD together in their future.


Candy & Stuart Wedding


A vintage style wedding of Candy & Stuart. Candy is a vintage and DIY fan, she made the head pieces by herself which really amazed me. We spent half of the day having tea ceremony and marriage ceremony in Garden Suite at The Peninsula Hotel , all their friends and family are so hospitable and friendly, and they also dress in 80′s  as to match the theme of the wedding. After that we went to do some portrait shots on the Peak and High street.

IMG_3298 IMG_3297 1CS_005 CS_006 CS_007 CS_008 CS_009 CS_010 CS_011 CS_012 CS_013 CS_014 CS_015 CS_016 CS_017 CS_018 CS_019 CS_020 CS_021CS_022
CS_023 CS_024 CS_025 CS_026 CS_027 CS_028 CS_029 CS_030 CS_031CS_033 CS_034 CS_035 CS_036 CS_037 CS_038CS_039
CS_040 CS_041 CS_042 CS_043 CS_044 CS_045 CS_046 CS_047 CS_048 CS_049 CS_050 CS_051CS_052
CS_054 CS_055 CS_056 CS_057 CS_058 CS_059 CS_060 CS_061 CS_062 CS_063 CS_064 CS_065 CS_066 CS_067 CS_068 CS_069 CS_070 CS_071 CS_072 CS_073 CS_074 CS_075 CS_076 CS_077 CS_078 CS_079 CS_080CS_082 CS_083 CS_084 CS_085 CS_086 CS_087 CS_088 CS_089 CS_090 CS_091 CS_092 CS_093 CS_094CS_096 CS_097 CS_098 CS_099 CS_100 CS_101 CS_102CS_104 CS_105 CS_106 CS_107 CS_108 CS_109