Hilary & Ryan Melbourne prewedding

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Xing & Loeïz Prewedding Session

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Fung & Jack – Engagement Shooting

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May & Billy


I do believe everything happen for a reason , everyone we meet is not a coincidence in life.

It’s so blessed to know May & Billy, who is such talented, artistic and of course gorgeous and nice person.

When a photographer shooting with two photographers , it is challenging but fun. I really enjoyed working with this group of  people who are not just professional but got the passion on their self role to create this photos shoot happen.

Photo by: Heather Lai
MUA: Regen Wong Makeup Artist
Photo + Hair Stylist: Jaffy Wong
Special thanks to Stephen & So Alex Hm


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“Be My Bride” – Maggie & Rangdo

“Be my Bride” project has been finally accomplished in a beautiful day after storm. Everything is perfect on my mind: the light, the scenery, the styling & accessories, especially the emotion & true love expression of Maggie & Rangdo. Thanks everyone helping me to make it happened.

Couple: Maggie & Rangdo

Make up & Styling: Crystal @ Yourself.com.hk

Flower gown + accessories provide by: Crystal @ Yourself.com.hk

Assistant: Stone Cheung @ POEM

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Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Party

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Sammie & Wilbert Maternity photo

[ Sammie & Wilbert ] [ Maternity Photo shoot ]

Another mummy & daddy to be :) Such a precious journey expecting the new life coming out. We are all exciting about it.

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Christine & Gary

Christine & Gary

[ Wedding Day ]

Time flies. It’s June already and stepping into a “lower season” in July and August. Got to think about a getaway and discovering new inspiration .

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Phoebe & Brian [ Jeju Island - Engagement session at Sangumburi ]

Phoebe & Brian

[ Engagement ]

[ Jeju Island - South Korea ]

Finally I am posting photos of Phoebe & Brian’s pre wedding trip to Jeju here , looking back to the photos, I feel so thankful to knowing these two buddies and had such wonderful trip with them. I still remember the “Military Black Pork bbq”, ” Van driver who help us to pick to Sakura” , ” A coolest coast” lots of funny things happened during the trip. I think it’s like traveling with friends rather than working, and Jeju island is a really nice place , hope there’s next time to stay a bit longer and discover more nice areas .  :D

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Leona & Ernest

[ Leona & Ernest ]


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